mint leaf redux edit // 26px

this is a simple redux edit i’ve been working on for a while!


  • 400px posts
  • custom background
  • custom border color
  • custom footer color
  • pixel font option
  • fading images option
  • transparent option

pastebin code // live preview

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  • optional cover background
  • optional fishes / custom border! SELECT ONE!
  • 250px 400px post sizes
  • optional captions and tags
  • sidebar image
  • color customizations
  • pagination only
  • search bar and custom colors, etc

preview 1 - preview 2 - pastebin code

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THEME 15.0 - Intoxicated

preview | code


  • optional image
  • 6 customizable links
  • space for name, age & location
  • jump pagination
  • small scrollbar
  • small cursor
  • b&w posts on hover
  • 500px posts


  • please like or reblog if you’re using!!
  • do not claim as your own
  • please please please don’t remove the credit
  • message me if you have any inquiries! 

flawless base code by meliapond

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✗ THEME #1

i coded my first theme today! i worked really hard on it and im really proud of the results. its meant to look really simple and be easy to use, so there arent too many options. 

  • favicon, background, and render image options
  • 4 color options
  • 500px/400px/250px posts
  • show tags, max background, and show render options
  • three custom links
  • coded to automatically show any pages you already have!
  • change the ‘about me’ title
  • big title is your blog title

i worked reeeaaaally hard on this so i would appreciate if you liked/reblogged if you liket he theme or plan on using it!! 

preview | code 

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paris 2004  theme by anaklusmo

hey listen to this song

code + live pv


  • side image inside of sidebar
  • favicon
  • 4 links (6 if you count home + inbox on top of the sidebar)
  • big (540px) and medium (440px) posts
  • borders
  • max background option
  • post shadow
  • option to hide album art on audio posts
  • change text, link, post background, background and border colours
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i edited this redux like back in january but didn’t rlly use it that long. but i noticed like 3 people using it and felt special so i’m making a post about it lmao

it’s not anything good or special. so don’t expect anything fancy. um. if you have any questions ask me? i guess

code / live preview

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|| Labrador - redux edit #01 ||

I’m going to name most of my redux edits after dogs i hope that’s okay

|| live preview / code + features / sidebar ||

I think this theme is really cool !! if you find any errors send me an ask

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UNDO- static preview (1) (2) (3)/code

  • ok so heres me trying to fit into the retro minimalist themes!!
  • option for left or right sidebar
  • option for links to open on click or not (see previews one & three)
  • option for outside image or not (see preview three)
  • option for hover links or not
  • option for rounded edges
  • 400px posts

please like or reblog if you like the look of this theme or want to use it! this theme took me a good three days to make, so it would be very highly appreciated :-)

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Volume 4. Sena and Monta.

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naruto uzumaki - chapter 645

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